Center for Hardware and Embedded Systems Security and Trust

The mission of the CHEST center is to address the research challenges that industry faces in the design, protection, and resilience of hardware from the security vulnerabilities associated with embedded hardware and embedded systems and develop the much needed workforce for government and industry.


About Us

The center is funded by a combination of National Science Foundation grants and memberships by industry and non-profit institutions. The funding at the 6 site universities supports research projects that are selected to address industry needs in the area of embedded systems security.

Areas of research include: hardware assurance, counterfeit detection, integrated circuit authentication, anti-reverse engineering and anti-tampering, secure communication protocols, formal verification, secure processor architectures, vulnerability analysis, infrastructure safety and resilience, and secure systems engineering.

If you need any information about CHEST membership benefits, and ongoing projects and activities, please feel free to contact CHEST’s interim director, Prof. John A. Chandy.