The School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut, in partnership with Comcast, inaugurated a signature initiative, establishing the Comcast Center of Excellence for Security Innovation.

Comcast, one of the largest cable and content providers in the country, is committed to providing the highest security to its customers. The CSI center mission is to lead research, teaching, and workforce development in hardware, software, and network security.


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With an investment over the next 5 years, Synchrony Financial and UConn aim to counter teh growing threats of foreign and domestic cybercrime by developing information security talent and leading research to help companies and coumsers stay ahead of these threats. Through the partnership, Synchrony Financial will provide an endowment for the Synchrony Financial Chair in Sybersecurity to lead cybersecurity education at UConn and help develop a strong pipeline of information security talent. In addition to research, Synchrony Financial committed funding toward a Cybersecurity Fellows Program and a scholarship program that will provide stipends to UConn graduate students interested in this subject where they will study and conduct independent cybersecurity research.

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The Connecticut Cybersecurity Center (C3) leverages the synergies existing in CHEST, CSI, and VoTeR to investigate, develop, promote, and nurture the best hardware and software based security practices for indispensible defense and commercial (e.g., insurance, telecommunications) application domains and, in particular, for emerging fields such as mobile device security.

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